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Zog Investments is a private equity investment holding company.

About us

Zog Investments was founded in 2018. Since then, we’ve invested in, and partnered with, several well-known startups that are excelling in their respective fields. With a focus on Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics and Science, all our offerings have completed a thorough due diligence process.

Zog invests in companies at every stage – from seed to growth, and provides them with the equity capital and support necessary to scale from early-stage startups to fully-fledged business success stories.

Wherever you’re based, all investors are appointed a dedicated relationship manager. We pride ourselves on giving investors a transparent, professional service, so they can make educated decisions and stay informed at every stage of the process.

First time investors will gain access to the Zog Members Club which allows access to exclusive opportunities not available to the open market, above average rate of returns. weekly updates and free access to global investment events.

Zog Investments - About us

“Our business is investing in our clients’ futures”

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Zog Investments Portfolio

Our Portfolio

At Zog Investments, we benefit from being situated on three continents with bases in London, the UAE and Mauritius, which gives us the ability to professionally service investors and project teams globally.

We collaborate closely with founders throughout every stage of the investment and fundraising process. This allows us to tailor an opportunity to our clients’ requirements. Likewise, we keep our investors informed at every step.

There are many benefits to investing in a pre-Initial Public Offering (IPO). The most compelling is the potential profit and the possibility of yielding the highest return on investment when you back a business before it goes public.

We have seen from experience that technology stocks have a lot of upside potential in the stock market. The following opportunity is one example that is being very well received by our existing investors as a product to add diversification to a portfolio with substantial return potential.

Investment opportunity

Peregrine X

Game-changing Data Analytics Technology

Peregrine X LTD is an organisation with a focus on (AI) Artificial Intelligence, (IOT) Internet of Things, Data Analytics, Data Science, Smart Cities and Digital Health. Companies know improving operational efficiency and the environmental performance of facilities is essential, as well as strategically investing in new technology, for sustainability and growth.

The convergence of these technologies is enabling companies to collect vast amounts of digital information relating to business performance and environmental impact.

Peregrine X, a wholly owned subsidiary, builds on 30 years of experience in fundamental analysis tools and systems development. The Group specialises in the development of sustainable and analytical solutions and tools for the Energy Sector.

Peregrine X is preparing for a public listing following the successful launch of operations at ADIPEC 2022 – the world’s largest and most inclusive gathering for the energy industry.

The company is currently in a strong position, with a very bright future, and this is a unique opportunity for investors to acquire shares at a discounted rate.

The investment offers:

  • Company excelling in its field with strong structure and team
  • Short term with security and complete transparency
  • Lucrative return potential
  • Amazing product for diversification

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